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About Our Product!

100ma X-RAY Unit (Fixed Model)

HR100 is manufactured keeping in view the requirement of radiologist to get maximum use either with Multicone or Horizontal Bucky Table.

Special Features:

•Rails for Horizontal Movement of the column.

•Tube stand and Tube head rotatable in 360 Deg.

•Smooth & steady movement of column on rails provided on floor & ceiling.

•Fully counter balanced tube stand with effortless vertical movement.

•Column rotates in 3600 along with Tube Head for easy positioning.

•Separate locking system of tube head, carriage arm &
base to keep the machine stand still during exposure.


•‘On’ ‘Off’ push buttons

•Power line voltage compensator

•Exposure time selection knob

•mA range selection knob

•Radiographic KV selection knob

•Stand by & exposure push buttons on panel and with hand switch.

•Digital display mAs, kVp & mA

•LED indicator of power line, High Volt X-Ray exposure and Overload.

•Separate meter of kVp & mA

•Wheels for Comfortable Movement

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