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About Our Product!

300ma X-RAY Unit (Fixed Model)

Hindrays 300mA is specially manufactured for all purpose of Diagnostic X-Ray machines which fulfill all the requirements of
general & special radiography when used with manual bucky table.
It incorporates a state of
Art Technology and is designed keeping in mind the diverse requirements of the Radiologists.

Rotating Anode Tube Head

•Rotating Anode Tube with Rotor

•Tube head rotate in 360 Deg.

•Manual LBD for exposure centering

•Angle measuring scale


•Three Phase medium powered X-Ray Generator.

•Proper & Simplified control panel with Digital Display.

•Powerline ‘Trip Off’ system on safe side.

•Easy & uniform Kvp steps settled with one knob.

•Instantaneous tube over load protector.

•High Volt silicon rectifiers and high tension system in HT tank.

•Spot film facility at all mA stations.

•Digital Display of mA & calculated dose of mAs, Kvp.

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